Our Story

Elementary school has been BRUTAL for this 11-year-old CEO currently standing at 5'7", being teased & bullied for being TALLER than ALL the girls and most of the boys in the entire school; feeling left out being the only girl at recess who wanted to play basketball and the boys wouldn't let her.  "Why can't I just be normal?", Kendall asked me at the age of 7, as she laid on me with tears pouring down...  I knew something had to be done.  I didn't want her to begin to "shrink" for others in any way, so we worked together to build this brand with a purpose!  I set out to bring everything she loved into one brand, to empower her, and ultimately to empower others. 

It hit closer to home than I realized... As a mother, standing at 6'2", who has accomplished so much in my life thus far, there was still a feeling of the lingering "what if" within myself because I knew that I often dimmed my own light and was afraid to let my light shine for fear of what it would be like.  It's crazy to say, but I suffered from a FEAR of being great, but No MORE!

As a true Prissy Athlete myself, a daughter of a coach and educator, sister of 2 Division 1 college athlete brothers, sports mom of 2, wife, coach, educator, former Georgetown Univ. college athlete and former George Mason Univ. college coach who could have reached even more heights in my life if I had just believed in myself more and dreamed even bigger, I FEEL READY! I've started this brand with my daughter to not only prove to myself and model for my children what working toward greatness looks like, but I want to also continue to bring the greatness out of other girls and women as well.

I truly believe it's my calling to be the light for others and this is just the start with Prissy Athletics; a brand designed to uplift, inspire, empower and shine light on the girl power in girls and women everywhere! The bright & bold colors, designs and accessories are created as a reminder for girls and women to not be afraid to stand-out and all-in-all, not be afraid to follow their dreams with confidence and relentlessness.

Kendall has dreams that to most, may seem like opposites since she wants to play basketball and explore the world of fashion beginning with owning her own brand and modeling on catwalks worldwide.  The brand is a constant reminder that "you can be a BEAUTY and a BEAST at whatever you put your mind and body to, no matter what box society tries to put you in".

For those reasons, all Prissy current staff are women and girls starting within the community with the vision and goals of affording more girls and women with jobs, uplifting experiences, and scholarship funding for aspiring college athletes nation-wide. Every time you share about us to others and support us, you are also supporting the Mission and our Motivation so THANK YOU!!!