Mission, The Why, The What

Our Mission is simple:

To accentuate the BEAUTY, highlight the POSITIVE, and unleash the BEAST in every Female Athlete that engages with our products.

What we do:

We help Beautiful Female Athletes with Elite Mindsets feel empowered and valued with everything we create!  

Our Why:

The world of athletics is just not set up for Female Athletes to shine and for some reason, there is this "box" we've been put in for too many years.  We are Female Athletes and understand this all too well.  Developing products and providing platforms that help to solve this issue is our passion.

How We Do It:

Pillar 1:  Sporty Chic Streetwear that is strategically developed to be versatile for the Female Athlete that can be worn with Sneakers or Heels, and she will still feel Cute, Comfy and Confident.  And, of course made with a constant reminder on your chest.

Pillar 2:  Digital Books titled, "Angela the Athlete" that tells short stories through the eyes of a true Female Athlete and teaches life lessons that inspire.

Pillar 3:  Produce events and experiences that shine the much needed light on female athletes and aim to uplift. (Fashion shows, award ceremonies etc.)